How to add a printer?

Searched all menu entries for ‘printer’ - there are NONE !
Found “Printing-with-cups”.! Great help, like “Booting-with-grub” ;>)
Prior distro experience says install the Epson Workforce 840??? software.
Where is the hardware driver downloader ?

I can ping the device from Manjaro. Other PCs print/scan no problems.

Did you download the Xfce Minimal edition? The manjaro-printer meta package is only included in the full edition. Either way, after installing manjaro-printer, check the optional dependencies to see if you require anything else. You’ll most likely want system-config-printer. See also Printing - Manjaro

By the way, epson-inkjet-printer-workforce-840-series is in the AUR (Arch User Repository).

Additional reading:

Thank you - quick reply.
Manjaro xfce 22.1.2 ISO 3.5GB Here is the problem, you first mention installing manjaro-printer meta package & check the optional. Where, would I suppose/guess where/when that info was presented ? Secondly, you mention ‘dependencies’… like in CUPS dependencies ? Plus, I need system-config-printer… where would I find that ? And last, you mention “AUR” like I might be familiar with Arch.
No, I’m trying to install the 4th most favored distro on Distrowatch list !
Anyone can see this forum is loaded with ‘newbie’ problems. Maybe you should consider that. In fact, the next post mentions “switching-back-to-windows”. I don’t do windows.

Installing programs and viewing information about them including dependencies can be done using the Add/Remove Software (aka Pamac) GUI or CLI.

Note that with each thing I’ve mentioned so far I’ve included a wiki link to so you may learn more. :wink:

Add/RemoveSoftware - Searched & found-
mj-printer 20220924-1 It was installed 20230523
Red-tagged for deletion. Reason: Explicitly installed.
??? what does all that mean ? Its was NOT in any of my menus.

I searched and found two ‘config-printer’ (NOT installed)
cups-pk-helper & Print settings (system-config-printer)

I suppose I’ll install both, 225mb 4modules,
maybe the required Epson drivers get loaded.

Ok - My settings menu now contains “Print settings” & “Configure printers”.
Thats strange - both invoke the SAME “Print settings localhost”

Ignore that - print some page. OK - in queue “processing”.
(printer is silent)
My guess is the “600” driver(2008) that installed, is the wrong one.
This “840” (2011) is an office-sized machine, more features.

25minutes later: still silent. This is like heart-surgery, kinda bloody !
OK Tomorrow, we’ll re-boot and get a early start on this horrendous problem.

P.S. i didn’t BOLD anything ???

As I meantioned, manjaro-printer is included by default on the Xfce full ISO, so you already had it installed. However, system-config-printer is not. Some dependencies are optional because not ever user on every DE (Desktop Environment) will use the same tools to manage printing.

Again, it appears your printer driver is in the AUR as I mentioned above.

It was the lines with no spaces above or below it. I edited it for you. :wink:

I remember you saying manjaro-printer is included.
May I remind you, the word ‘printer’ was not in my menus.
Today, there are two… never mind… look in MENU & SYSTEM.
Right-click, they both have the same name. Thats a menu no-no.

Also, PrintSettings still shows ‘workforce’ status,
but PrinterQ expired in the night.

I have now read Arch-User-Repository (not all of it, just chapter 1 ;>)
Can you please explain the how-to-get the ARCH drivers into Pamac ?

FYI: I visited EPSON; linux drivers are available as .DEB packages.
My Linux-Lite & MINT (Ubuntu/Debian) both contain the latest versions.
Apple iMAC prints OK. How? Nobody knows.
Maybe ARCH’s “debtap” or something more suitable ?

( its the ‘cut/paste’ causing format problems ;>(

FYI, the system-config-printer menu item is Print Settings and the CUPS interface is Manage Printing.

For the third time, the wiki articles I already linked have the info. Any questions you have are welcome.

No. That’s only a last resort and normally should never be used.

I highly recommend you read the recent reviews :

Your un-professional approach to “support” is a slap-in-the-face for Manjaro.
Your heading says “Manjaro Team” . Good luck with that.

Looks like you are not familiar with arch/manjaro naming. Instead of crying and whining, you may change your menu to generic naming.

R U the young banjo in “Deliverance” ? Looks/sounds like you.