How to activate Secure Boot

Hi everyone,

after the recent stable update I updated my grub installation like instructed.
I did not know that Secure Boot with Linux is possible and had it deactivated in UEFI.

Can somebody explain to me what steps I need to take to activate Secure Boot?

Thanks in advance!
Manjaro does not support Secure Boot out-of-the-box. You’ll have to set it up yourself.


I’m not exactly sure which packages to use with Manjaro, because I just installed Manjaro yesterday, and I haven’t had much practice with pacman. But here is an explanation of what is involved – from the openSUSE distro (“YAST” and “zypper” are the functional equivalents of “pacman”).

Good Luck!

David Bryant
Canyon Lake, Texas

I cite AgentS from old forum as he put it in a nutshell:

“In my perspective, Secure Boot is one more (vendor/s) attempt to provide HW buyers with peace of mind , falsely believing that the HW they bought is secure .
This lowers the guards on security oriented behavior from the users side, which is the more vulnerable on security/protection issues.”

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Thank you, but this seems like a terrible hassle and I do not understand half of the instructions :frowning_face:.

Someone has the heart in the right place, however I find this rather impractical advice as long as nobody offers me an alternative way to verify that the unencrypted part of my disc has not been tempered with.

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