How to activate more repositories?

Hi, I switched from xfce to KDE and I see less repositories. So I was annoyed when I saw, that I cant find google chrome there to install. I found tutorials for terminal installation of chrome but I failed at a step, where I had to find out the id of my username + the name of my user group to give myself permission rights.

Is there a possiiblity to install easily Google Chrome? I want to have my synchronisation back.

Thank you!

Hi @Yzga,

It sounds like AUR isn’t enabled. Open a terminal, and edit /etc/pamac.conf wiith sudo:

sudo micro /etc/pamac.conf

Look for the line starting with #EnableAUR and remove the #, so that it reads:


Save the file and exit. you should theoretically be able to install Google Chrome from the AUR now.

pamac build google-chrome

There is also chromium, which is available in the extra repository, and can be installed with:

pamac install chromium

Hi, thanks for the answer. My terminal dosnt know the command “micro”
And chromium I dont like because of the extra work for synchronization of my Google account. With chrome it was all easy

Then try nano instead of micro. Just see the bottom of the screen the shortcuts for saving the file, Ctrl+W I believe, and exit, Ctrl+X IIRC.

Thanks for the support! Great! I have it.

And by the way, you should try out micro, it is great!

sudo pacman -S micro


pamac install micro

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I added the Chaotic repository so I wouldn’t have to build Chrome and others that aren’t available in the community repository.

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