How to achieve 'zone management' desktop layout on Manjaro

Hello eveyone

I wonder how to Creating a custom desktop layout for my 49 inches 32:9 monitor
To my manjaro 20.0.3

I would like to have permanent 3 zone in A zone 1280x1440 B zone (middle zone) 2560x1440 and C zone 1280x1440

Basically i want that any window of programs could be place in any of the three Zones ( A, B or C) and it will automatically adjust to the size of that Zone.

So if i put teminal or Digikam or Darktable or webb windows i zone A it will be 1280x1440 or do i put it in Zone B it will be 2560x1440. (The size could be specified in form av settings)

But if i play game or want a program go full screen, it can do that too.

I there any tools or script to do this!
I have try windows management but it’s not work.

The idea comes from windows power toy ( Zone) at github

I like this zone management to be permanently on all desktop (or if you have Multi monitors setup) have on my manjaro.

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I didn’t even know this existed, I never had an ultra wide monitor though. Here is the Windows tool for reference FancyZones Overview · microsoft/PowerToys Wiki · GitHub

EDIT: I found this, maybe a start to think how you could achieve what you want?

EDIT 2: found that too

Note that I just found the projects, don’t know anything else about it, or if it would work for you :slight_smile: I think the last link would be preferable as it is integrated to Plasma and the project seems to be well alive GitHub - kwin-scripts/kwin-tiling: Tiling script for kwin

EDIT 3: I think what you want is a tiling windows manager, Manjaro doesn’t have official ISO which support that I think, but there are community edition available (reclick the EDITION menu and look for community editions there are some there), but beware that you’re entering a new world of dedication and learning if you want to make it work exactly as you want. If you don’t know what a tiling windows manager is then maybe look into that, that could be better for your usage. I guess you could convert your KDE with lot of work, but it would be preferable to install a fresh ISO with the appropriate windows tiling manager already in it.


Big thanks

Ahh interesting

I wish there were something like what windows user have the PowerToys with zone setup tool and with the easy setup!

But I look int to it!!

That’s what the python tool and the Plasma script can do if I understood. And that’s what windows tiling managers do natively :slight_smile:

Also, the kwin script is available on the AUR, in various versions apparently.

Well interesting, but i am not a programmer so i dont have any idea
Is there anyone that could help me fix this??

Did you read the link " How To Enable Tiling Window Support In KDE Plasma 5 " ? I mean you can try to follow it, and if you have a problem we can “help you fix this”… because currently what is the problem to fix?