How to access snap / flatpak packages inside pamac GUI?

how can i access snap and flatpak pacakages by pamac ? Can i access snap and flatpak packages through cli and without installing them ?I checked inside package manager settings => preferences but I cant’t find AUR/snap/flatpak neither anyone . i am beginner here please help me…

It is in Settings Preferences Third Party for Flatpak and AUR.

If it is not there, you may need to install Libpamac-Flatpak plugin

Search for it and install it in Pamac.

Snaps are not installed via Pamac, install Snapd from Pamac and then you can install snaps via command line or use the command line to install the snap store and then use the snap store to install snaps.
Here is how to install snap on manjaro:

Thank you very much sir, for guidness

Its the same as for flatpak … libpamac-snap-plugin