How to access boot menu one time without having it all the time during the boot?


I really don’t want to have a grub menu all the time during my boot process since my system is essentially a monoboot system. Still, sometimes it is good to be able to access the boot opitons like recovery modes and other “backup” kernels.

In Ubuntu forums they say, that holding down SHIFT during the boot process unhides the grub boot menu temporarily for that particular boot.

Is there a key on Manjaro for that, and if not, how to set it up?

Hello @marko :wink:

Keys are ESC, SHIFT or SPACE normally. I believe on Manjaro Grub it is ESC (have not done it for a long time).

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Thanks @Aragorn Was going to mark it solved right now :smiley:

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It is ESC indeed

I wuz fasterer. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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