How to access Android Phone with Black Unresponsive Screen?


My smartphone’s screen is damaged beyond repair: it is completely black and unresponsive. Luckily the phone still works. I want to salvage my files before I move on to a new device. So, I connected it to the usb port and tried to access my files from the computer.

However, since the screen is black and unresponsive, I cannot allow PC access from the phone. I tried using “Android File Transfer” but that didn’t lead anywhere; all I get is a “No MTP device found” message.

Is it still possible to access my files from the PC and, if yes, how?

Not really(Either you have to confirm a box that pops out or set specific settings, which you don’t have, eg.: usb debuging mode), I mean It’s possible but not when you don’t have tools which could cost way more than screen replacement.
Google is making backup of a lot of things on your phone I think, so maybe look if Google has backup of your device?

yes you can … figure out how to put your phone model into recovery mode or how is it called and from there you should be able to do it via commands

I see…

There’s nothing I can do essentially. I can’t shut down the phone in order to go into recovery mode, I can only restart it. Hopefully, last Google backup was not too far back in the past.