How stable is Manjaro for LAMP development?

Hi All

I’m new to Manjaro having used Mint for a good few years. Hopefully, this is the correct channel or my question.

I’m using Manjaro KDE and absolutely loving the interface and the speed of the distro.

I’m interested to hear from anybody doing LAMP development on Manjaro. How have you found the stability and how does it compare to Ubuntu or Mint?

I see a few general opinions here and there but wanted to hear from people with actual experience of this.

Kind regards and thanks in advance for any help.


I dont use lamp with manjaro
php with rolling is not top : we have always the last version but frameworks not ready

I use docker with my manjaro

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I have had good experience with LAMP running on Manjaro. On the old site, there are a couple wiki notes on how to install the software.

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Hi Guys

This all sounds very positive from both of you.

I had a look at Docker a while ago and will get back to some articles on getting it installed with LAMP.

Never had such speedy responses on two questions tonight. Very impressed with the user group as well as the distro. So far, they’re both living up to their reputations. Bodes well.

Thank you very much.

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I agree. I would also add Vagrant to the options


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