How right add to autostart my script?

I am using manjaro with KDE.
I know that I can add script via kde settings.

But I need add script with root privileges

# intel-undervolt apply

How I can do this?
Where I need to write this?

And where is right do add script for run only on login?
I have scripts without root permissions.
I have added them to bashrc config. But they start on every new terminal instance (konsole)

Create a systemd service … see here

There’s no need to create a custom systemd service is this particular case. Intel-undervolt provides its own ones. All you need to do is the following: systemctl enable --now intel-undervolt.service and systemctl enable --now intel-undervolt-loop.service.

Edit: marked as solution because it IS a solution.

systemd is quite happy if you leave of “service” in your commands.

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