How recover passwords in Windows 10 with Manjaro?

I don’t if I been Hacked in Win10 but logging in that OS, tells me wrong password. Can that Recovered or change with Manjaro? What is the name of the Password file and the tool used to do so? What will happen if I delete that file?

How is this manjaro or linux related? There is probably 1000 guides how to reset windows 10 password.

From manjaro you can do:

mv windows/system32/utilman.exe windows/system32/utilman.exe.bak
# and
cp windows/system32/cmd.exe windows/system32/utilman.exe

and then you have a working cmd.exe where you can add a new administrator and copy utilman.exe.bak back to original.

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This isn’t a Windows support forum… It’s Manjaro one.