How often is Brave Browser updated?

I’m new to Manjaro and really impressed so far. I noticed that Firefox is the default web browser on install. I would like to use Brave Browser but noticed it has not been updated in almost 2 months and outdated. Are additional browsers maintained like Firefox and will we see a updated version to Brave Browser soon?

According to wikipedia it’s not 2 months outdated but 2 weeks. Also Brave is not in the Arch repo and (2nd sentence)

Chromium, Vivaldi, Opera packages are being synced from Arch, so they are in the repos. But you can get Brave from the AUR or from an external repo (if you make your research and trust it)

Brave will be struck from the repos.
There are both the buildabe brave and already compiled binary brave-bin in the AUR and they are kept pretty fresh. (brave-bin is currently on 1.18.75-1)
While this change wont be apparent right away, I advise you to get on the early train and use one of those instead.

PS heres the AUR required reading:


Thanks for all the replies. I wanted to avoid AUR if all possible but looks like my only choice is to use the AUR repos if I want to stay fresh with Brave. Can anyone comment on their experience using the AUR for brave or brave-bin?


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I am not a regular user of brave. I use it only for testing our web applications.

I use brave-bin package from the aur. There have been no issues so far.
But I would never recommend brave to anyone else.

Is there a technical reason, or it is another kind of problem?

I was using brave because block a lot of ads without to much problems.

I like to know.

Thanks :+1:

The archived forum contains all that discussion, I don’t think we need to rehash it again :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I missed that.
Is hard the search tool of the forum, I say one link leaved above.

Going to find out

Thanks anyway

Is not too much difficult; in the Google search box I typed
And I get a lot of results about, on the old archived forum.

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or you can scroll down and click "Archived Forum"

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Thank you