How much swap space should I use?

Hi! I plan on getting out of Windows and finally going to Linux, so excuse any silly questions. I have 4GB RAM and a 120GB SSD and I want to use Manjaro KDE. How much does Manjaro take up and how much swap space should I use, would 4GB be enough? I want to experiment with kdenlive. Would it also be enough for hibernation? Thank you very much in advance.

Search before you ask :slightly_smiling_face: . questions similar to this were asked before in forums

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With 4 GiB of RAM, you are with the utmost certainty going to be hitting swap ─ and possibly quite heavily too. The rule of thumb is that if you plan on hibernating, then you should pick your swap partition at least twice the size of your RAM, because it will have to hold the contents of your RAM plus whatever was already swapped out to begin with.

That’s a heavyweight application, and the resulting videos will also demand their share of virtual memory. I’m not going to claim that it won’t work, but you’re probably going to be better off with 8 GiB if you’re going to be playing with kdenlive.

Lastly, while Plasma is a fantastic desktop environment, perhaps you would be better off with something more lightweight, like OpenBox or LXDE/LXQt.


Hi alucard1.

Welcome to Linux & the Manjaro community! There are no silly questions, especially for people starting out & especially on the Manjaro forum. Yes, we appreciate it when people search the forum for a solution first but that comes with time. Aragorn has given you some good input, so run with that.

The more experience you gain with Manjaro, the easier it will get. I switched from XP to Manjaro 8 years ago & never looked back. People are supportive but you will also find plenty of pointers in various posts, as well as by searcing “+Manjaro your question/issue”.

More power to you & congrats for making the jump from Windows to Manjaro. It rocks. Stick with it…:slight_smile: