How long does it take for Manjaro to release new updates?

I did read that Arch Linux releases updates immideatly and Manjaro first checks if the updates are hurtful for the computer. How long is there round about between the release on Arch Linux and the same update release on Manjaro?


Unstable: almost immediately. Manjaro unstable is roughly equal to ArchLinux stable.
Testing: roughly another week.
Stable Staging: roughly another week.
Stable: roughly another week.

Do note that every branches but unstable is a rough estimation, as there’s no rush in release. If there’s a bug or stability issue in stable staging, for instance, if won’t go to stable anyhow. At least not without implemented workaround.




The exception to this is browser updates. They are released on all branches almost immediately.

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Do note that stable-staging is kind of an oddball branch and doesn’t receive updates regularly (as the other branches do).
Personally I’d not have any Manjaro installation use that one.

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In addition to the above,

Take a look at the category: Announcements - Manjaro Linux Forum.

An announcement corresponds to an update to the branch and/or ISO release.

It is important to read the announcement (at least the first couple entries & especially @philm’s) before doing an update, because it contains important information about potential issues and/or manual steps.