How long can we delay this update, before the next stable release update will show the light?

I don’t want to run into regression, but im not interested to upgrade right now.

Is there a way to find out when @philm release the next stable update?
That i can update, right in time before another stable shows up?

3 weeks, 2 days and 78 minutes.


The default troll shows up… I’m just asked about a roughly indication and nothing more.

To me it seems more like you’re the one trolling.

This is a legitimate question, as after I did the upgrade, there are a number of things missing and others that don’t work anymore.
So IMO KDE6 is not ready for prime time yet.

I am now making a complete backup of my home directory, before reverting back to my Plasma 5 backup from last week. I hope Timeshift does the job well, because this is the first time I want to restore a backup.


Then go to the future, come back, and tell us when the next update will be. This is asked and answered multiple times every year. Why do you think the answer changed?

Anyway, if you think the next update will somehow fix your problems, then all I can say is good luck.

And I’m using it for almost 3 months (work and home) and it works fine. I guess I’m using some different Plasma 6.

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Why before ???
You can skeep this update, it’s not a problem (other than your security)

Sure it is legitimate - but why?

There is no requirement to sync and you are not forced to anything.

Tha phrase is so abused …

If you have a heavily customized configuration you will always have issues - no matter what maintainers do.

That has always been an issue with Plasma and Gnome - possibly why Gnome has locked down on customization.

The options to customize is used and when Plasma changes under the hood - everyone has a problem with it.

The impact the changes with Plasma 6 has been discussed beforehand since last year.

Members has asked again and again - when do we get Plasma 6 - and it is finally here - after the team has worked out how to solve issues related to Manjaro - then that is a problem too.

The users group is by far the most difficult group to please when working with a Linux distribution.

Developers and frontrunners are more relaxed in their response as they know how much work it is.

Second that - I have used it since last year …


Go to Stable Update Announcements section
Click on the bell icon
Select Watching First Post


It depends on what applications and KDE features you use.
For me, I discovered a few things that are missing features or are not ported to plasma 6 yet

  • Event calendar widget is not ported to Plasma 6
  • Krusader no longer supports Samba
  • Things missing in system settings, not so bad, I found then elsewhere
  • if you look into the Plasma 6 topic, plenty of other users also reporting missing and malfunctioning features, so if I start testing a number of things, I’ll probably stumble upon some other things as well.

After a 30 second google search: You need to install kio5-extras.

Not gonna touch the rest.


Thx, Samba now works again in Krusader.

I heard repeatly that we can run into a regression if we skip a whole release update.

Maybe i don’t understand your point?

But when the post appears under stable release update, new packages will instantly shown up at the download manager.

I can’t see how this gives me a time window, to prepare the last stable release before it replaced with the newer one.

You skip plenty of updates that happen on other branches or especially on Arch. You can skip how many you wish, just know that all the stuff is adding together and you’ll need to deal with it sooner or later.

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Since im joined Manjaro, i didn’t skip any patches… besides the updates which Manjaro decided for me to be Merged, before i could download them in the stable release.

So this bugfixes from April.16 doesn’t fix any problems? Is that your point?

I just want to delay it for a little, till more Plasma 6 Theme got updated.
And shorten the time for the next KDE’s bugfix collection to be rolled out… without switching branches.

I’m talking about package releases. There could be multiple versions in between stable updates.

No. My point is that if you have old incompatible config and cache and whatnot then you can wait 5 more years and nothing will fix that.

And no one can force you not to.

This would be valid, but I’am aware about the situation right now. That we have to refresh the .cache folder and probably also a few of the config files.

This was/is not the reason why i openend this Topic… As i said already, my goal was to shortened the delay for additional bugfixes from KDE and a bigger collection’s to choose more Plasma 6 Theme.

If the rumors are right, i must expect that all my Themes, no longer will working for me.

So we have no option’s/hints or what ever to see indications about a new release update? And you defend it with sarcasm (as your first posting shows) like it is a good thing, to have no transparency around this situation.

Well some people like surprises but i don’t :wink:

Its not just about themes and the GUI, my synaptic trackpad does not work with plasma 6 and not having a working mouse/trackpad is kinda serious.

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Just a blind guess, maybe this is more related between Wayland and X11 or a newer different Kernel?

Btw. I’m expect more bugs as Themes and GUI, i just wanted to point to a direction which is more widespread… I’m also expect problems with my VPN, because there was already a few people complained about issues with OpenVPN Software.

Hi, yea its all been checked out already, thx though.

I just tried to at least update firefox but that just crashes instantly even with a new profile without plasma6. So yea, not the greatest security for me any more :confounded:

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