How libraries looks like in archlinux?

There is an software I want to install, but first it need to check all their dependencies in cmake, so my problem comes installing the dependencies “petsc” (which I installed using the AUR) because it is installed in /opt instead of /usr


So my problem can be solved adding a line with the right path, but:
I don’t know how an Archlinux library looks like:

Pamac is quite nice to offer a view with all files installed in petsc, so I collected them an so they are:


Which one of those is the library cmake needs?

There is a folder called lib, but I can’t see the files I need from:

Classic XY Problem.

What software?

We can’t help unless we know what you’re actually trying to build.

It is xc

Apparently the path /opt/petsc/linux-c-opt/lib/ contains the necessary libraries, I still don’t know which file from this folder is the library. I guess the files with .so are the ones I was looking for

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