How it is done: google-chrome-stable.deb install by pamac

chrome and for example spotify are installed from a debian package ( *.deb )

Is there an extra pamac scrtipt for that or does pamac use:

aur/debtap 3.5.1-1 (+288 2.81) (Installiert)
A script to convert .deb packages to Arch Linux packages, focused on accuracy. Do not use it to convert packages that already exist on official repositories or can be built from AUR!

pamac usescan access the AUR.

Like all AUR helpers it follows a PKGBUILD.

PKGBUILDS are build scripts.

Depending on the AUR packages PKGBUILD, if it depends on a deb, it may among other things, simply extract it.

pamac has no special deb powers. In fact it wouldnt know what to do with one on its own.

(makepkg on the other hand technically knows to treat debs as archives, but will only unpack the first layer … so many deb PKGBUILDS then need to decompress the data directory)

In the case of the google-chrome PKGBUILD, it uses bsdtar (on data like mentioned above);


Simply WHY use the .deb file?

@cscs explains it simple.

Should you want to go into details, there is topic in Tutorials section which explains what you have to do to create a PKGBUILD from a Debian package and turn it into a package pacman can keep track of.


You get to choose between Debian/Ubuntu or Fedora/openSUSE. Beyond that it’s down to community support…


package() {
	bsdtar -xf data.tar.xz -C "$pkgdir/"

Chrome is Chrome NO MATTER WHERE you download it from.

I would tend to download the latest version from Google though - not sure where else.

OP has probably noticed from the PKGBUILDs that google-chrome and spotify are downloading .deb files, but may not understand the build process to know that PKGBUILD script does not need additional packages to build from .deb or .rpm sources

Purely for reference; if a non-googled browser is ever needed: Chromium.

(all available platforms)

pacman -S firefox-i18n-en-gb FTW.

Yes, yes, but don’t forget sudo :wink:

if a non-googled browser is ever needed:

Firefox is preinstalled (or Vivaldi on Cinnamon)

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I use both.

Want to try that again? there is ungoogled-chroium and chromium. TWO completely different animals.

Chromium is less google than Chrome, but not as little as ungoogled-chromium.
Its still a bit of a barrier though because it has pretty long compile times and the chrome store (for extensions) doesnt work out of the box. Spellcheck either.
Or geo/maps … but whomever cares about auto google maps all the time doesnt care about ungoogled-chromium anyways.


There’s also Iridium, which is similar to ungoogled-chromium, albeit not identical. It does use some of the same tweaks, though. It’s available from the AUR in two pre-compiled forms: iridium-rpm and iridium-deb.

I’ve used it in the past — albeit not on Manjaro — and it was pretty good, but it also disables certain things like automatic sign-in.

Well, the intention was to provide an alternate source for Chromium, as an alternative to the googled Chrome; this was apart from the pseudo-branded “Ungoogled Chromium”.

Incidentally, I recall seeing an “Ungoogled Chrome”, at some point, although I don’t think it was official.

Downloading now; more out of curiosity, than much else.

Update:- OK, my initial curiosity has subsided: Chromium with a bespoke icon. :wink:

This is the way I discover software as well. It has served me well.


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