How is Wayland on KDE with Nvidia at the moment? (also what about Pipewire?)

I just want to know if they are ready for daily use already or not. I’m a bit hyped about this two new “technologies” coming to Linux, and I’m starting to see some advantages about them that I would like to have asap.
I know that KDE is improving the support for Wayland, and Nvidia is doing the same, so KDE with Nvidia works fine already? are there lots of bugs?.
Also, about Pipewire, it has nothing to do with KDE and Nvidia, but I was also wondering if it’s ready for daily use too, I have Bluetooth headphones and they sound like sh*t when I walk like 2m from the PC with Pulseaudio, and I tried a live distro with Pipewire and it works so good that it surprised me, so if it’s good for daily use and don’t have many bugs, I would like to use Pipewire, is it good already or not?.

I wouldn’t say that.

I would say that. Hell, Nvidia is already a nightmare without Wayland. :roll_eyes:

I have no personal experience with it, but it’s used quite a lot around here, and the results don’t seem to be too bad. :man_shrugging:

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I could try it then, I just need to remove manjaro-pulse package and install manjaro-pipewire right? and if I need to go back to pulse just remove manjaro-pipewire and install manjaro-pulse?.

There are still compromises to be made, if you can live with that it’s ok. It’s stable and works for office work. For systems with Nvidia graphics and Intel processors, you have to choose one or the other variant. Pure AMD systems run significantly faster. For video editing and gaming performance, the performance is still far from being suitable for everyday use

Pipewire runs fine on manjaro kde. As you noticed, bluetooth is significantly better.

Yes, there are excellent guides on the forum w.r.t this. You’ll also probably need pipewire-pulse.