How is the situation of 10-bit colour depth?

I have seen this article HOWTO enable 10-bit color on Linux, but I am not sure if it is up to date.

First, it seems that the documents are for X11. I use Wayland, not X11. Does anything get better in Wayland… or worse?

Secondly, I am currently using Nvidia. On Windows, I could confirm that my monitor can display 10-bit. Linux documents are explaining AMD GPU. Does 10-bit work on Nvidia work at all? If RDNA3 improves Blender speed, I will switch to AMD.

Thirdly, does Chromium 85+ still disable hardware acceleration? How about FireFox? I don’t use Chromium web browser, but there are some apps that use Electron or something, so I need hardware acceleration. Is there any hope that it would be fixed soon (within a couple of years)?

Fourth, does Gnome work well? The document mentions only KDE.

I don’t play games, so I don’t care about Steam, and probably Vulkan … unless non-game productivity apps switch to Vulkan.