How is Sound Blaster Z Support?

I’m interested in getting a Creative Sound Blaster sound card for slightly better audio (especially for recording, the hiss from the mic is bad, and it’s not the mic, it’s the system), but I’ve heard some stories of people not being able to use input options correctly in KDE.

What’s the current status of support for Sound Blaster Z cards?

I had this issue too. It sounds like interference. And pulseaudio doesn’t auto-adjust it to remove the interference.

I swapped to a USB Microphone and it 100% fixed the issue

Only half of the features of the sound blaster z works on Linux from what I last read. The company doesn’t support Linux.

The Sound Blaster Z isn’t worth the cost at all imo. External DACs are better. I like the ones from JDS Labs & Schiit because they actually specify Linux support on their products.