How is deepin desktop state now

Hello to everyone. Today I want to set up a deepin desktop, but I haven’t tried or researched for a long time, is it working properly in manjaro right now?
the distribution i use is manjaro KDE


The ISO is available, installable, working and can be updated …


I want to install it next to the KDE desktop environment, is there any problem? @bogdancovaciu

We do not encourage mixing DEs for the same user … but is up to you and your knowledge about.

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As @bogdancovaciu said, it is not recommended, and it is especially not recommended to install Deepin alongside KDE Plasma because both of those environments are based upon the Qt widget libraries, which means that you’ll be creating conflicts at the level of their respective configuration files.

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For having tried it recently from a flash USB, I would say Manjaro Deepin is definitely usable and very good looking, but I wouldn’t use it as a daily driver for now. Make sure to have your important files in another storage and probably expect some stability issues.
Better use a clean install separate from your KDE one. Why not create a virtual machine in the first place, if your hardware allows you to run it smoothly.

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There is updated 21.0.4 ISOs for Deepin here too: Manjaro - Downloads


hello i work in software company so i can’t use the computer like this

thanks :heart_eyes:

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