How install pdftotext on Manjaro?


I try to use the wholeaked from github to protect my pdf files.

The tool is available here :

pdftotext is needed to check if a file is leaked or not.I followed the installation from main page.I installed xpdfreader but when i try to check a leaked file i have the following errors :

./wholeaked -n project1 -f myfile.pdf -validate

    ,'  '\,_     Utku Sen's
    |_,-'_)         wholeaked
    /##c '\  (   
   ' |'  -{.  )  "When you have eliminated the impossible,
     /\__-' \[]  whatever remains, however improbable,
    /'-_'\       must be the truth" - Sherlock Holmes
    '     \    
Operation started
Couldn't run pdftotext binary
fork/exec /home/koala/Documents/E-book/wholeaked_0.1.0_linux_amd64/pdftotext: permission denied

Any idéa ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Like any other package provided by the repositories.
In this case the binary is provided by a package with a different name.
To search for the file in available packages you could:

sudo pacman -Fyx pdftotext

And with that in mind you can install the package:

sudo pacman -Syu poppler

Or you can use pamac and/or its GUI to find and install the package.

In general, unless you know what you are doing and have a good reason to do otherwise … thats the place you get software - from the repositories.

Note on the linked information:

So … I will point out that pdftotext is actually not a requirement for this software at all.
It is only needed if you intend to use that particular function.

I also have no idea why their suggestion is only to download (and move?) manually the source … maybe its because they only use Debian/Ubuntu and the software is not provided at those repositories?
Thats my best guess. People that write documentation in that way are silly.

sudo pacman -S python-pdftotext

Nice tutorial… busy entering and tabbing to learn the flags… slow to learn here :stuck_out_tongue:

2023-12-08 10:51:56

-F query the files database
-y Force download fresh package database
-x interpret each query as a regular expression.

FYI these flags will work the same way with Paru/Yay if you’re not sure they’re in the repositories.

Poppler is the one I installed to rip PDF’s sent by James’ school in 2021.

The sudo (or root) is needed if the y is there.
And you want the y unless you trust the db is up to date (or even exists).
I reflexively use the x for regex … even when its not needed … but it will allow me to do things like quoted brace expansion (and/or work as expected when searching a path), etc.


$ pacman -Fx 'bin/firefox|bin/chromium'

usr/bin/chromium is owned by extra/chromium 120.0.6099.71-1
usr/bin/chromium-bsu is owned by extra/chromium-bsu
usr/bin/firefox is owned by extra/firefox 120.0.1-1
usr/bin/firefox-developer-edition is owned by extra/firefox-developer-edition 121.0b8-1
usr/lib/node_modules/web-ext/node_modules/.bin/firefox-profile is owned by extra/web-ext 7.8.0-1