How i can use Manjaro forum?

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله لا اعرف كيف اتعامل مع مانجارو فورم
Hi guys i dont know how manjaro form work

Form? Or forum?

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Not that difficult - you just did :slight_smile:

When i meet problem i dont know how i can post it


How i can follow you

This is not a social media platform but a technical forum.

Manjaro uses as forum software.

You can use the preference section → notifications → to setup notifications

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Thank you for helping me

Another nice feature is that you can pull rss feeds from everything - just add .rss to URL e.g. this topic would become

At the bottom of every topic is a button 20210312-124816_119x33_screenshot this can be used to change your personal notifications for that topic only.

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