How i can remove default settings of Firefox for Manjaro?

guys my firefox always going to 1st page of manjaro site how can i remove the defualt setting in this distro and also sorry for my bad english type and grammer

Go to Firefox > Settings > Home > New windows and tabs > Homepage and new windows and change “Custom urls” to “Firefox home”.

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Agree with @ishaanbhimwal and here is the documentation at mozilla_org.


  1. Sometimes it is helpful to do a site search. Both search engines, duckduckgo and google, support the site option. So in firefox’s case you would add to your search. If you don’t know the internet address (URL), just type pacman -Qi firefox at a console.

  2. If the application has a menu, check under Help.

  3. When first using an application, take a moment and go through its’ options/preferences. Even if you don’t change anything, it can be educational and helpful in the future.


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sudo pacman -R manjaro-browser-settings

As a side advice, you might want to have a look at librewolf which is a firefox based alternative with much saner defaults: librewolf-dot-net and it is available from AUR

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