How I can customize .bashrc in Manjaro?

How I can customize .bashrc in Manjaro?

I did it on linuxmint by writing “gedit .bashrc”. But, in Manjaro it’s not working. I want to change terminal look. I want to make it like the look of parrot os terminal.

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Hi @abdullah3102, and welcome!

That is probably because your Manjaro uses zsh and not bash. The file you’re looking for is ~/.zshrc. But be careful. Zsh isn’t bash.

… but in Manjaro Xfce … gedit (the Gnome text editor) is not installed.
The default text editor in Manjaro Xfce is another program - it is called “mousepad”

change the command accordingly
or just open the file browser and use it to open that file

It’s name starts with a dot - those are “hidden” files.
You may have to set it so it shows them to you. (shortcut is: CTRL+H)


@midarthos, is that by now the case for all the main DE? As far as i recall XFCE still was using BASH as default shell. I know the KDE version had been switched to ZSH, and there had been quite a bit of discussion also here in the forum concerning making BASH default again.

You are likely on a more current level of information than I am.

To be honest:


I use KDE, have never used any other Manjaro, so I don’t really know. But, I admit that it’s entirely possible. In which case:

That’s not really correct, on any distribution. It should be ~/.bashrc. In this specific case, for this specifically, it would be:

gedit ~/.bashrc

I have used Xfce on a number of distributions and they all had mousepad as default text editor
including Xubuntu and Linux Mint Xfce

All Manjaro editions have nano text editor if users are not familiar with DE default packages

Manjaro Xfce uses BASH shell

See the following links for how to change the terminal prompt

GitHub - R0ronoaZoro/Parrot-bash-prompt-For-Mint: Parrot Os bash theme for Linux mint

Make your terminal look like Parrot OS - YouTube


I usually install “Bash-it,” when doing a new OS install…I’ve been setting up Xfce for the past few days, and it’s time for Bash-it to come aboard :wink: Glad to hear it will likely be as before.