How i can clean unwanted file generated by application installed via flatpak

i have install many application using flatpak but when i run bleachbit or stacer to clean log,cach,tmp,cookies it seem does not remove for flatpak application so how i can clean it

Hi @the_beast48,

Why do you want to clean it? Is it safe to remove it? How did you remove the application? Because, AFAIK that’s all handled when you flatpak uninstall an application. Unless it’s a customized setting. Which:

  1. I don’t know if it’s even possible, but I’m guessing is.
  2. Should in theory be safe to just delete after the program has been uninstalled.

i am using firefox installed via flatpak daily but when i Finnish working i d like to clear everything

If it’s the daily branch, as I understand it, you might just as well uninstall the complete flatpak, and just delete everything of it from the drive, possibly with root (be careful you don’t inadvertently delete something else) and reinstall it the next day.

Or that’s how I understand it any way. If someone knows differently, they are more than welcome to enlighten me.


After also looking in the help,

$ flatpak uninstall -h

flatpak uninstall [OPTION…] [REF…] - Uninstall an application

Help Options:
-h, --help              Show help options

Application Options:
--user                  Work on the user installation
--system                Work on the system-wide installation (default)
--installation=NAME     Work on a non-default system-wide installation
--arch=ARCH             Arch to uninstall
--keep-ref              Keep ref in local repository
--no-related            Don't uninstall related refs
--force-remove          Remove files even if running
--runtime               Look for runtime with the specified name
--app                   Look for app with the specified name
--all                   Uninstall all
--unused                Uninstall unused
--delete-data           Delete app data
-y, --assumeyes         Automatically answer yes for all questions
--noninteractive        Produce minimal output and don't ask questions
-v, --verbose           Show debug information, -vv for more detail
--ostree-verbose        Show OSTree debug information

It would seem flatpak already has an option for this: --delete-data

So, the command would be:

flatpak --delete-data uninstall <packacge_name>

Where <packacge_name> is the name of the software package you’re uninstalling. For example, to remove Chromium:

flatpak --delete-data uninstall  org.chromium.Chromium

So give this a go and report back. If it works, cool! If not, then sorry.

but i want remove data without the application

I realise that, and I have no option for you other than to install

Didn’t look that way.

If that’s what I mentioned I have no idea other than to reinstall it every morning.

And also, I mentioned that if you’re using the nightly versions of Firefox, you could just reinstall the application each morning and based my answer on that.

thank for reply to my question i will wait for while if there are no other response i will go with your solution

These are pure garbage : here is not Windows and you don’t need crapware doing you dunno what, get rid of them, they clean nothing but can nuke your install.

If you want to “clean” pacman : pacman - ArchWiki

A little more with : Instructions to clean up Arch Linux (Manjaro) · GitHub

This :

flatpak uninstall --unused

You don’t need a flatpak Firefox for this, but a correct setup and to clean history, cache, cookies.
I run 4 Firefox instances, one of them has absolutely no residual data.
Plugins : ublock origin, localcdn, site bleacher, auto tab discard
Setup : do not trace, and I fully clean before each session end.
You also can add a private surfing session.

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Since you seem to know what you want to remove
but neither stacer of bleachbit … or whatever tool
will offer to remove it
why not just remove it yourself?

You seem to know what the offending files are and where they reside.

I never used flatpacks - are these not in your $HOME as all the “normal” ones are?
No proper installer/uninstaller will ever touch that - pacman certainly doesn’t.

Is that not possible from within the application - like clean cookies etc. in firefox?

Btw, don’t use Chrome’s incognito mode ^^

Don’t use any Chrome or Chromium derivative either ! (Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, Edge, Falkon…)

do you have alternative to chrome

Have you heard of Firefox ? (and derivatives)
You also have Epiphany (Gnome Browser), a little lesser known…


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