How does Manjaro support gaming (Steam) with Intel Core and hybrid Intel/Nvidia GPU?

I’ve been running openSUSE Tumbleweed for some time, on my new gaming laptop. However, there are too many bugs (not necessarily gaming-related) for my liking… As a former Arch user (I did use Arch for half a year maybe, not much but enough to get an idea), but without the time necessary to get back on that horse, I’m considering switching to Manjaro (I think it would fit nicely, balanced between out of the box features — I love KDE Plasma — and customizability).

But to be sure I need to know: how does Manjaro fare for Nvidia GPU gaming? And what about my specific setup (Intel Core i7, hybrid GPU)? Do Steam and Proton run well? I will need all this to run my games…


Most likely works great, if you configure your computer in bios for it.

You should probably stick to ONE thread and try to actually provide information and ask relevant questions.

I understand. Back on openSUSE forum things work a bit defferently (I was often asked to “open a new thread” when my questions started deviating from the initial topic of my post), hence this disagreement.

Do correct me whenever I do not respect the rules of this forum.

I’ll re-ask my question in this other thead you mentioned.

Thanks to all helpers!

Welll, it is actually a good thing to have a thread per question. This way you don’t have this clutter and others, who might have a similar question might tend to follow better.

So far our focus is more on AMD hardware, however we will have a project with Slimbook, which brings Intel/Nvidia gaming to our attention …

What does that even mean?

Are we not to explain mhwd and the availablity of hybrid profiles ?

Thats all this user wants to know. Not ‘what is phils current fancy?’.


Mostly you just choose the hybrid profile then run anything on the nvidia with prime-run.

It works about as well as nvidia+linux anywhere.

(that also means old cards may be dropped unexpectedly, or updates may break as much compatibility as it brings, and whatever else you might be familiar with from nvidia… though, on that note … it is worth saying that at least up until now manjaro has tried to keep a reasonable amount of legacy drivers available.)