How does manjaro maintain the pinephone?

I am interested in seeing the pinephone reach feature-parity with feature phones. I cannot commit to helping out. Nevertheless, how would one be able to? I see that there’s a gitlab issue tracker. Is there more beyond the issue tracker?

I apologize for the vague question. I mostly seek to understand how the software pipeline for SMS, MMS, and calls, works, and how these apps can become more stable on the pinephone.

Finally, hello, and thank you, Manjaro, for reminding me why I still use apt-get based distros! I totally forgot that the reason I never left debian/ubuntu was because I needed it for work! Thank you for reminding me of rolling releases, I look forward to having less update worries. pacman is not as hard as I feared it would be.

First of all, you’re posting in the wrong section of the forum.

^ that would make it more visible :slight_smile:

There is an issue tracker for each of Pinephone build versions: Phosh, Plasma, Lomiri

The packages themselves are in the general Manjaro ARM repo.

Test out the builds, find issues, report them to #arm

That’s clear and helpful; thanks. I hadn’t visited general arm discussion. I can definitely test a nightly build and report bugs; thanks for the direction.

I cannot commit to helping out. Nevertheless, how would one be able to?

There is a very generic answer for that and it is true or every project:

How to get involved

Even if you are not a qualified software developer with years of experience, there are still plenty of ways to get involved in the project. The PinePhone is a big ecosystem, mostly powered by the community itself. Do you like explaining? Maybe take a look in the forums and help out other people. Does video-editing fascinate you? Why not post a video featuring the PinePhone?

You can even help just by using software on a Pinephone and giving feedback, sharing ideas, and reporting problems. Whatever it is you like doing, there are countless options to get involved. Have you mentioned your PinePhone to your friends yet? Spread awareness, help the community grow. If you don’t feel like doing anything yourself or want to support the creators additionally, you can also make a donation to various developers and projects in the Pine64 community.

Find out what you are good at and what you enjoy doing and apply it to the project.

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