How does localectl relate to /etc/default/keyboard?


during setup of fresh manjaro i3 installation I run

sudo localectl --no-convert set-x11-keymap us,sk pc105 ,qwerty grp:shifts_toggle,ctrl:swapcaps

After reboot this has no effect. After troubleshooting I found out that lightdm-slick-greeter is overwriting these settings during login screen startup. It is reading /etc/default/keyboard file and applying settings found here. I “solved” this by installing alternative greeter. But this sparked my curiosity…

pacman -Fy /etc/default/keyboard does not show any package the file is owned by. Also lightm-slick-greeter automatically assumes this file is the source of keyboard setup so it must be importatnt. At the same time localectl is not setting it.

Thus I wonder what is the relation of these two? Why there are two places where keyboard config is stored? I mean default keyboard file and then whereever settings updated by localectl lives…

Thanks for insights