How do you use Mycroft after installing it?

I got curious about Mycroft and installed mycroft-core and plasma5-applets-mycroft. Even after restarting the system however I see no way to run Mycroft itself! Isn’t it supposed to include an app with a GUI? The command mycroft is also not recognized in bash.

Which Mycroft ?
or this

My guess is the second one.

I also installed mycroft-core some days ago and run into the same problem as @MirceaKitsune, I have no clue what to do afterwards.

I would really like to yell at my computer to tell him to change a crappy song playing on Spotify while I’m working out or doing the dishes and don’t want to dry my hands every time before going for a device. :smiley:

The software for Linux of course, I’m running Manjaro on my PC. I expected that upon installing the core package I’d get a shortcut for a GUI to run it, but it’s like I didn’t install anything at all (or rather like I installed a mere system library).

Did you follow the instructions for the plasmoid at Utilities / Plasma Mycroft Applet · GitLab ?

(Beware that the instructions are probably for Ubuntu and you have to adapt it to Manjaro.)

Those appear to be build instructions. I installed it via the system package… shouldn’t that mean it’s already compiled and installed system wide?

I guess install the GUI for it then?

This plasmoid requires Mycroft-GUI Installed

I guess request it from Manjaro Team as there is core and plasmoid in repos but not the GUI. It is in AUR though.

It’s explained literally there.

After installing, you have to create account and pair your device with it. Then just enable and start the service and it will wait indefinitely for your command. Do note that the AUR package contains Arch-ed commands and service instead of the one listed here.

You might want to test without the service first, i.e. use the scripts in /usr/share/mycroft-core/ directly to ease debugging and ensuring it works first.

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Too many KDE dependencies, unfortunately.

The process to which @leledumbo refers seems more complicated but it should do the trick for GTK-based DEs without all those dependencies.
It’s not very straightforward either, which is probably why I had missed the instructions somehow. I will need a free moment to look at it properly.
Thanks for your reply, I know what to do now.

For now I went ahead and removed it to free up the +100 MB. It wasn’t something I really wanted to use, only checked it out of curiosity as I heard about it and thought the idea is cool. I can conclude the software isn’t as user friendly as I hoped it were, in the sense of being able to just install and use like all other programs, which will likely drive most end users away.

Also just curious: Is a registered account necessary to use Mycroft at all, or only for some features like Mozilla does with Firefox sync? I was hoping it’s more decentralized.

Yes, it’s necessary unfortunately, for installing new skills and linking them to your account.