How do you uninstall a plasma widget?

I installed a widget, but it doesn’t work (seems abandoned) so I want to remove it again. At a loss as to how to do that?
Do I need to install Discovery for that, or can it be done another way?

How did you install it?

If it’s on your panel just rightclick the panel, mouseover the widget you want to remove and you’ll see an option to remove it. If it’s on your desktop just rightclick on it and select remove.

I right-clicked on the taskbar > “Add Widgets” then I clicked on “Get new widgets…” (button top right), and then I clicked “Download new plasma widgets”.
And thank you so much for asking!!! This took me back to the list where I now had an “Uninstall” button :slight_smile:

Yeah, but that won’t uninstall it. I found out how to do that by retracing my steps after @cscs asked me how I installed it in the first place. Thanks for your reply though.

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