How do you create a community edition of Manjaro?

How do you go about creating a community edition? I noticed that there is no Bspwm edition of Manjaro, so I’m considering creating my own.

There used to be, but the developer who was maintaining said edition stopped doing so. Mostly when that happens, it’s either due to a lack of time and/or a loss of interest in the project.

You kind of start here Manjaro-tools - Manjaro



@Jim.B might be able to offer advice.

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When you clone the iso-profiles repo you will note there is a couple of bspwm profiles.

With a few execeptions the profiles are unmaintained which means you need to fix the package lists and possibly the setting to have the build succesfully.

Manjaro has excellent documentation on how to create a community edition/spin. The hard part is deciding what you want in it because there are a ton of choices. After you have an iso you really like you can post about it here.

Thank you, I’ll take a look at that.

Cool! I’ll make sure to look that over.