How do users edit the wiki entry for the announcement section of stable updates?


From the 12/23/2023 stable update, PhilM mentioned that the informational section for issues and workarounds can be edited by users with TL2. I would like to be able to do so as needed, and also for WIKI articles if possible.

I’ve searched for information about what TL2 is and how it applies to me, and did not find any information.

Can someone inform me what TL2 is, and how I might gain access to that?

It seems the Manjaro WIKI requires access from the users group. How does one gain access to that too?

Thank you.

TLx is a Discourse forum feature.

It is elevated based on your interaction with other members.

This is completely separate from the forum. The wiki hast its own list of editors. You need to apply. Please ask @codesardine.

User is talking about ‘wiki’ posts … a type of post in the forum that allows others to edit.
Such as the update announcement follow-up posts.
But only forum users with a certain trust level are afforded that ability.

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