How do I use KDE Activities?

I’ve been using KDE Plasma for more than half a year now, but I don’t really understand the concept of KDE Activities. Everything I found via Google didn’t really help me further.

I have tried to create an activity, distribute various programs to my virtual desktops, assign them to the activity, saved and then reopened the Activity, but I saw no effect. The programs were not automatically reopened as I would have expected.
Did I do something wrong, or misunderstand the concept?

Can someone explain to me how to use the KDE Activities in a meaningful way?
Is anybody using that feature?

Maybe this will explain what it do and how to use:

KDE Activities aren’t about reopening programs. These are about set up your desktop and plasmoids and panels on it. Think about it as virtual desktop but more separated.

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Thanks for the link…now I got it :wink:
A bit like plasmaconfigsaver but more practical.
So, if I don’t use plasmoids or put my folders on the desktop because I like it clean, it’s not necessarily useful for me.

I’d also recommend Konsave over Plasmaconfigsaver.

Because every config you save with Plasmaconfigsaver is massive and includes way more than the config you actually want to save.


Nice…thanks :wink:
I will give it a try.
I noticed too, that plasmaconfigsaver saves the complete theme including all files. It seams a huge amount of unneeded data. :slightly_frowning_face:

Edit: wow, that tool is fast… :wink:

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