How Do I Use A Second GPU For A Windows 11 Virtual Machine?


Running Manjaro KDE fully updated.
I currently have a second Win 11 desktop that I VNC into, but it’s raising my electricity bill.

How would I use a second GPU plugged into my motherboard with a Win 11 virtual machine?
No idea how to do the above, so if you could explain or point to a website that explains then that is ok.

Let me know, thanks!


Hi Again,

It’s this motherboard.
With two different nVidia GPU’s:

  • GeForce 3060 12GB (Linux)
  • GeForce 970 4GB (Win 11 VM)


There are some people who did this, with manjaro to, the technique is called GPU pass through.

Some reading is necessary :PCI passthrough via OVMF - ArchWiki

See this guy’s video: This Linux PC Runs macOS Faster Than a Real Mac - YouTube running mac os on manjaro.

or GPU passthrough guide for Manjaro and Windows 11 guests - YouTube with manjaro and W11 to get started :slight_smile:


Good info, thanks…

Would this work with current VirtualBox or I need to use something else?


I’m not aware GPU pass through is an option on virtualbox.