How do I update discord?

I got a prompt that says “lucky you! Time to update,” and then a download for a tar.gz file.

How do I update from that?

You don’t.

Answering my own questions cus I figured it out.

Open discord and keep that annoying window open. You will need the version number as a reference.

Go to the terminal.

file $(which discord)

It’ll tell you where Discord it. In my case it was in /opt/discord. Go there and then type

vim resources/build_info.json

You will see a file that you can edit the version number to the correct one you got from the annoying window. Then, Discord will update itself. This is Discord’s fault. Also, you don’t have to use vim. You could use any text editor.

You might think “Why does that make it update?” I have no idea, but it downloads and installs the new version after you do this.

Usually the AUR Discord package maintainer gets the package updated a few days after this happens. They you can use yay to update Discord to a working version.

Linux has a package manager for a reason. Your “solution” is not a solution.


this :point_up_2:

You installed discord through the package manager - and you update it the same way
once the updated version is out.

Not from within discord.


I’m asking you this in all seriousness. How does this happen?

How do you go out of your way to do something complex and prone to breaking, rather than just let your package manager handle the updates?

And if you want to go the route of the manual install/update method, why use the package manager? Why not just download the .tar.gz directly from and go from there?

Are you even sure about this? Did you confirm it actually initiates a download/update? Or does it simply fool the software into “thinking” it’s on the latest version?

If this is the case, the discord package should be immediately pushed to Stable upon any update, rather than wait for the next Stable Updates batch. An exception to the rule, such as security updates and browser updates. It seems that Discord should be placed into such a priority as well. :person_shrugging:


Everybody knows that if you change version number, you get latest features.

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It had progress bars showing that it downloaded and then installed the new version. I didn’t feel like waiting a week to be able to message people. I don’t really care if Discord breaks because then I can reinstall it. This only has to happen because the update isn’t in the software center yet.

It works fine after me changing the version number. I can send messeges and make calls.

Just out of interest - I’m not using the program:

the older, still installed version, just stops working once an updated one is available?

I’d find that very … strange.
but I don’t know

It does. Its because discord is a terrible program. I would use something else if it wasn’t the main thing my friends use.

… everyone needs to be on the same and newest version else nothing works anymore?
That’s terrible!

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Its only the linux version that it tries to inflict that on you. Of course everyone thinks is a totally reasonable solution to just wait days to be able to message people.

I seriously am getting to the point where I’d prefer email over discord. On Windows it uses an absurd amount of resources for a messaging app. On linux, it arbitrarily revokes your right to use it.

Does anyone know why the windows discord takes so much more RAM?

Use Add/Remove Software to check for updates. 0.0.22 has been available for about two hours now. :wink:


Im using discord from the official repo, is there a time window when we can expect a update for that problem?

I was answering at the same time you were asking. :laughing:

The problem is, i just updated my mirrors and pamac don’t show any updates.

Okay i double checke, the Terminal show me Discord Update but the GUI version told me, that everything is up to date.

Edit: Im always struggle when it comes to the update manager between the names pamac and pacman… pamac is the CLI and pacman the UI, right?

Anyways, there must be a delay between the CLI and the UI updater.

oooo I beat it by waking up early. Thx :blue_heart:

I will do that now :smiley:

pamac and pacman are two different things.


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Oh, it’s that topic again: Search results for 'can't update discord' - Manjaro Linux Forum