How do I uninstall the Microsoft Teams app?

I do not remember how or using what I installed it in the first place. I cannot find the package. I tried searching using keywords ‘team’ ‘teams’ or ‘teams-for-linux’ without success.

When I do ‘right click → App Details’ on the icon it opens the ‘Add/Remove Software’ but there also I don’t find anything related to Microsoft or Teams. Where do I look? How do I get rid of it?

Find the *.desktop file for this app:

grep -r "teams" /usr/share/applications
grep -r "teams" ~/.local/share/applications

If you find it, open it with a text editor and look at the Exec line. Here is your binary. If it does not show the full path, for example /usr/bin/foobar, but only the foobar - write in the terminal which foobar to get the full path.

Then you can check which application owns that binary:

pacman -Qo /usr/bin/foobar
/usr/bin/foobar belongs to foobar-app

And finally, you can remove it with pacman -R foobar-app

I don’t find it there.

Hi @generic_linux_n00b,

You might have installed it as a flatpak or snap. To check, run:


…To get a list of flatpak images, or run:

snap list

…and check if it’s there. We can go from there if you’ve found it.


More info 'bout snaps:

More info 'bout flatpak:

(Because I don’t have snapd or anything snap- or flatpak-related installed)

zsh: command not found: flatpak-list

Name               Version          Rev    Tracking       Publisher            Notes
bare               1.0              5      latest/stable  canonical✓           base
core18             20230426         2745   latest/stable  canonical✓           base
core20             20230404         1879   latest/stable  canonical✓           base
gnome-3-38-2004    0+git.6f39565    140    latest/stable  canonical✓           -
gtk-common-themes  0.1-81-g442e511  1535   latest/stable  canonical✓           -
pycharm-community  2023.1.1         329    latest/stable  jetbrains✓           classic
snapd              2.59.2           19122  latest/stable  canonical✓           snapd
storage-explorer   1.29.1           49     latest/stable  msft-storage-tools✓  -


flatpak list

Nothing happens, i.e. no output.


Run the following:

pamac list --installed | grep --ignore-case teams

…to see if it’s actually installed.

Same. No response.

How can it not be installed when I can run it?

The output of:

ls ~/Applications/
ls: cannot access '/home/<username>/Applications/': No such file or directory

I suspect it is installed as PWA.

Then you need to delete it from the browser.



I see. How do I delete a PWA?

Just google How to uninstall PWA <browser-name>


Perfect! Thanks @stasadev and @Mirdarthos

One can manage the Chrome PWAs here: chrome://apps/

There was an uninstall option in the app itself on the top in options.

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