How do i test download speed to manjaro repo mirrors without installing one?

I am thinking of installing manjaro but fear that it would take ages to download and update packages so I want to make sure that I have get good download speeds. How do I test that without installing the operating system in hard disk? does installing it in vm or testing that in a live usb give me right data which indicates my download speed after i have installed it on my system?

I have installed arch now but i am struggling to find good communities to solve my system problems so trying manjaro now as I see that it has good noob friendly community and fourm.

man pacman-mirrors is your friend.

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I always do sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5 before an update. It ranks the 5 fastest and up-to-date mirrors for you. My download speeds are typically fast, but I do have 400 Mb/s internet.

Technically I do:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5 && sudo pacman -Syyu