How do i tackle this Pacnew file?

i usually use Meld etc. to merge them,but this one looks different(not a Doc. file).

i just checked and it opens with Kate.
so should i keep the new one after merging them and rename it,or do the opposite?

I always use:

sudo DIFFPROG=meld pacdiff
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This is my way but should work for you too. Install kompare package and open both the files with it. Check if there are any significant changes or not. If I remember correctly for me this locale.gen.pacnew just added #C.UTF-8 UTF-8 in locale.gen but removed the default locales which were generated by calamers during installation which is bad. So…don’t blindly merge and manually compare first…and remember we are here to help. :hugs:

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better do not touch it if you have no issues and working locale settings

you can run:
diff /etc/locale.gen /etc/locale.gen.pacnew
to see where the original differs from the new
but your locale have been configured
and if you do not intend to change it
… ignore that file

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sorry,maybe i wasn’t clear;
i know how to merge Panew files,it’s just that this time as you can see,one file has an exclamation mark and is grey.
it’s the first time i see this.
to my surprise,it opened in Kate so it seems i can use Meld.
now the question is should i do the merging towards the new file(and rename it) or towards the old one which looks weird(grey + the !)like it’s broken, and delete the new one?

I would say the icons are irrelevant.

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The file you end up with - the merged one - needs to contain the very same enabled locales as the one you already had
else you’ll run into problems later on, when some software update regenerates your locales

and this :point_up:

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then i think I’ll go with the one that doesn’t look broken and do the merging towards it.

all entries but the one you need or wanted
are commented
(have a # in front of them)
ensure that your chosen locale
is not commented (has no # in front) after the merge
because it most probably is commented in the .pacnew file …

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A lot of files have this icon, just look at the content of /bin/ - it doesn’t mean anything is broken. Read nothing into how the icon looks, this is not Windows.

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you’re right,i just checked,
but since it was the first time i encountered this,i thought it’d be better to ask first.

any how,the merge was done quick and easy;
and even though i tried to use the “Blue” new one,the moment i renamed it to locale.gen, it became grey :grin:

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