How do I switch to KDE from XFCE?

Good day,
I have installed KDE using the command: sudo pacman -S plasma-desktop
Now I have no idea what to do further. I have read that I can change my desktop environment from the login screen or by clicking on the icon next to my username, but I see neither options.

If you can kindly assist me to switch to KDE from XFCE I would truly appreciate it.

P.S. When you explain this to me please assume that I am a dyslexic 10 year old, or a 91 year old grandpa.

Thank you.

Hi @Vincent_Wood,

Since your desktop environment saves a lot of settings in your home directory that won’t transfer, no matter how much we normies sing, dance and perform, I suggest you:

  1. Backup all your stuff.
  2. Download the KDE installation and write it to a thumb drive.
  3. Use said thumb drive to install a nice, clean KDE.
  4. Restore your backups and customize the living daylight out of your new KDE installation.
  5. Profit.

Hope this helps!


Thank you,

I figured that might be the way to go, but a man can dream.

Time to do some backups.

Thank you.

That’s the correct approach.

Good luck!!!


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Timeshift snapshots are good.
Before you destroy, just set it to get the entire /home directory… then you can browse and copy back any specific items as needed.

It’s complicated enough already without trying to be cleverer than that :wink: Migrating from Linux Mint Cinnamon desktop wasn’t too hard, applications like ‘easystroke’ for gestures just dropped in - though a couple of shortcuts needed tweaking.

Reinstalling to a new build and restoring most essential settings took around 20 minutes.

Be sure to dive in to those Custom Shortcuts and look at creating mouse gestures to do common stuff (like open/close/reopen tabs).

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