How do I switch from Cinnamon to XFCE?

I would like to replace Cinnamon with Xfce.
I want to switch and install xfce-desktop
and remove cinnamon desktop, cinnamon setting,nemo,…
How do I do that safely?


Best procedure is to backup and reinstall Manjaro using a xfce ISO.


I want without re-installing
Because I have a lot of widespread settings

I found the remove cinnamon and install method xfce
Is it compulsory to make a new user?
If yeah except cinnamon settings
Must copy all previous user folders?

You can install xfce with

pamac install xfce4

You don’t have to create a new user or copy any settings. Just select xfce4 in the login screen and done.

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The problem is not to install xfce, the problem is to fully remove cinnamon.

What ?
You mean in manjaro cinnamon we can not able to remove desktop ?

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The two desktop environments may have overlapping settings and config files and they do not cooperate with each other very well. Therefore it is recommended to do a completely new install when you want to switch desktop environments.


I think most have stated this. Best to install a fresh Xfce version of Manjaro because it will be optimized. Sure, you can install the Xfce desktop but you might have conflicts in settings and/or duplication of apps like file managers. Back up your files and make a list of apps you have/need. Then install and tweak per your requirements although Manjaro’s Xfce defaults are good. That is the best advice from me. Others may differ but experience says to do a fresh install.:+1::slightly_smiling_face:


I’m not sure how well this will work on manjaro but you can always do a backup and try

I’ve used it on arcolinux and it worked ok. I installed cinnamon desktop and then used desktop-trasher to remove xfce so should work the other way. Like I said backup first if you are going to try as I’ve no idea how it will work on manjaro

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Thank you all for the tips.
With your guidance I was able to do.

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