How do I start xfce (switching from Gnome)

I installed the packages for XFCE but I don’t know how to actually start it.

When I reboot I still go into Gnome. I’m getting problems with wayland and xorg with screen recording so I want to try XFCE. I dont’ want to delete Gnome yet.

If you installed the correct packages for Xfce, then from GDM login screen you chose the Xfce Session:

You might want to disable automatic login in in your Gnome …

Didn’t work I ended up just doing a fresh install but now i get blank screen when xfce starts. If I drop to a shell and login then startxfce4 works fine, but auto login doesn’t bring in the desktop.

Fresh install of what?
Here is how you provide good information, so others could help you out based on that information.