How do I share a single window in OBS with GNOME?

I’ve installed OBS Studio 27.1.3-3 from the community repo, and with v4l2loopback I’m able to run a virtual webcam under Linux. Nice. I’d like to share individual windows from my GNOME desktop, but I’m only able to share the whole screen.

What am I missing? Could anybody point me in the right direction? Regards


You should be able to add a “Window Capture” Source, which will let you select which window to capture.

Follow this guide for linux. Create a “Window Capture” source and place it second to “Video Capture”:

Thx. The option “window capture” wasn’t available until I disabled Wayland in /etc/gdm/custom.conf and restarted.

This might be relevant.

It is, with regards to Wayland. Unfortunately w/ Wayland also MS Teams won’t be able to share anything, so I had to disable it anyway.

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