How do I setup multiple monitors with different DPIs without scaling?

Hello, I am trying to multiple monitors with xrandr, but it seems that xrandr detects the monitors to all be the same size. This causes issues when moving my mouse from monitor to monitor. Most solutions I have been told for this is to scale the monitor down, but this causes the monitor picture to be rather blurry, is there any other solution?

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(yes, thats the best there is that I know of … then again I dont do multi-monitor :innocent:)

Thanks for the reply, but this does exactly what I don’t want, it scales the image and causes it to appear blurry.

Are you talking about small DPI differences like 1920x1200 / 101dpi vs 2560x1440 / 109dpi? Then I’m afraid you’ll have to live with a jumping mouse pointer at the edges when you switch between monitors. 1:1 pixel mapping - Wikipedia

With a HiDPI and DPI monitor you can scale the HiPPI monitor by a factor of 2 as described in the link from @cscs.

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