How do I setup a Remote Desktop Connection?


Ive been looking around with no luck, im pretty new to all this and i was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction or tell me how to setup RDC from say a windows computer to xfce so i can perform maintenance on the system running this os as it is half way across the house and having to get up to fix something with the game server im running on it or making changes to the system is a bit of a pain.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Would help if you told us what RDE is. Looked up “RDE” and I don’t know which one you’re talking about.

Thats really embarrassing, im so sorry, i meant to put RTC, so i can establish a remote desktop connection with my other system.

You can use SSH, or a remote program like AnyDesk, DWService, or Teamviewer. Or even use Chrome Remote Desktop.

You can also look into VNC, which imo is a bit more complicated.

i did try teamviewer but once i finally got it installed (Dunno if it was the way i installed it?) It wouldnt let me connect to it as there was an issue with my connection ill look into these other methods thank you

Probably because you didn’t have the teamviewer daemon running. It’s strange that the teamviewer devs doesn’t prompt you to start that daemon on Linux.

To have the daemon start at every boot up:

sudo systemctl start teamviewerd
sudo systemctl enable teamviewerd

Xrdp and tigervnc, but they require port forwarding.

Anydesk works great, you can get it from official repo.

Do not get Teamviewer from AUR go to teamviewer website and download for other linux. Extract and run it’s easy.
AUR teamviewer is buggy sometimes you encounter version mismatch as well.

Since remote connection via ssh to a Linux box is easy & straight forward.
Perhaps reconsider your use case if you really need graphical (DE) remote access.
CLI for maintenance should do nicely.

Anydesk works great, you can get it from official repo.

Personally I’ve shied away from Anydesk since that’s one of the more popular tools that scammers like to use, along with TeamViewer and a few others.

At present I’ve been using DWService which is an excellent service to use. It’s ‘Free’, uses 128-bit encryption and only asks to donate if you find it useful.

Outside of that though, I want to be able to use Windows 10 RDP application to connect to my systems while I am on the LAN. I’ve read about Xrdp, and I’ve installed that but I still seem to have an issue connecting to it.

VNC isn’t bad, it is a bit more cumbersome to use for sure.

Never heard of DWService, thanks for letting me know.

I myself don’t like anydesk, teamviewer etc. but I don’t use remote control for only myself, I use it to help other people as well and then you need popular options.

DWService also allows you the option to load the client for a single use, as well as managed by installation.

which software are you finally using now for remote, what can you recommend?

@Donavyn may I ask two questions?


I tried to get VNC running on a manjaro machine in my local network following this guide.
But I didn’t get it working, can you recommend another guide?

you recommended DWService. I would like to go with a trusworthy opensource sulution with a good reputation. If I read correctly, than DWService is only Opensource on the client-side? One relies on their server and thus on their promise to take good care of stored data?
I searched the internet a bit, but could not very much information about DWService or their reputation. Do you think they are trustworthy?