How do I roll back syncthingtray to a previous version?

Trying to get the previous version of syncthingtray but iv never tried to roll-back an AUR before?
I read something about getting the PKGBUILD but i dont see how or where the previous version of that is?

We also have these but i dont know what to do with them if they are even what im after

Did you use a package manager to install it? If so which?

Either way you may still have the older package around, so search for it.

As for getting the old PKGBUILD. On the AUR page there’s a link, View Changes. After that, click on the top commit Update version and you can see the changes that were made.

Whether the old version is useful or not, is another thing. I’ll leave that for you or someone else to decide.

You could probably (in this particular case) edit the PKGBUILD and change the

But it is likely that you still have the previous package in the build cache - it depends on which AUR helper you used to build the package.

Why would you want to roll it back?

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I used yay and i do still have ~/.cache/yay/syncthingtray/ with the new version of


… but that is not what you want now, is it?

So try editing the PKGBUILD.

and consider clarifying:

Will also need to change sha256sums, and perhaps pkgrel.

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Nop its not but i dont know how to get the previous versions of pkg.tar.zst or the tar.gz ?

because it seems that the latest version is for KDE6 i think? which is why its lost its ability to use the plasma widget GUI, which is why i want to roll it back

I don’t think so - but I don’t know.
It doesn’t look like that to me when reading through the dependencies to build it.

But I do not use KDE Plasma … or syncthing or any GUI for it.

So if i get the PKGBUILD and edit it just the way you show then execute



Yes, but technically you need to edit it in reverse, ie remove the + lines and replace with the - lines.

updpkgsums is easy for automatically updating the sums.

Why? Sounds like an XY Problem: You’re asking about your attempted solution rather than your actual problem. This leads to enormous amounts of wasted time and energy, both on the part of people asking for help, and on the part of those providing help–which apparently has already transpired…

So is makepkg -g and doesn’t even need pacman-contrib. :wink:

Ah, so it does, but seemingly not quite the same, with it not updating the PKGBUILD by default.

       -g, --geninteg
           For each source file in the source array of PKGBUILD, download the file if required and generate integrity checks. The integrity checks generated are determined by the
           checks present in the PKGBUILD, falling back to the value of the INTEGRITY_CHECK array in makepkg.conf(5) if these are absent This output can be redirected into your
           PKGBUILD for source validation using "makepkg -g >> PKGBUILD"

(And seemingly needing an extra run then too, not being able to, ex, makepkg -gsric)

I have a response from the dev, It does seem to be to do with kde6 and plasma widgets.

I need to update to syncthingtray-qt6

I am currently giving it a go. Thx all.

Because this is not the first time i have wanted to roll-back an AUR so this time i wanted to actually figure that specific ability out. It may of helped problem x, it may not but its what i wanted to know.

Generally speaking - makepkg with pkgbuild, yes, BUT you will also need an old version of the source code. Pkgbuild is only the recipe, you still need the right ingredients.

Normally one would not “roll back” any package as it would put them in an unsupported, partial upgrade state.

I’ve edited your topic title (since your edit window probably expired) to reflect your more specific attempted solution as outlined in your first post.

By the way, having a problem with an AUR package is a different topic then just a general question about how to do something more generic like temporarily downgrading a package.

Next time, please be more clear and concise.

Please see: