How do I reset the gnome manjaro theme back to default?

Hello, I love the default manjaro gnome theme and have been using it daily for the past month. Unfortunately though, one day it just reset, by fault of my own or automatically I don’t know. My cursor turned into a square and only appeared when I was hovering over applications. Soon enough I realized my manjaro theme got reset, not sure by my own fault or something else. Its important to note that it did not reset my configuration, just the look itself. So this means that my extensions were still set, and settings were still correctly configured. Regardless, I want to reset my manjaro theme back to default without having to manually do it myself, it seems like a hacky way to go about it. This did reset my theme to a degree, but not entirely.

I tried stuff like messing with dconf and gnome-reset but it just resets my theme back to pure gnome, not manjaro’s.

Does anyone know the correct way to go back to the normal manjaro theme?

Did you try switching to Manjaro in Layouts Switcher and/or changing Appearance in Gnome Tweaks?

Yup, I did try that but it didn’t work. I think I’m back to default now though. It turns out the tweaks app has an option to reset back to default in the menu. Whether that would have worked before I installed what packages disappeared is a mystery though. I have a feeling I somehow entered and confirmed the Manjaro Gnome Resetting Tool, and it cleared my package and theme, but I have absolutely no recollection doing that.

One thing that didn’t go back to normal is how the app screen is sorted. For some reason it isn’t sorting stuff into folders at all now.

Glad to hear that was fixed at least!
I have no idea what happened with your app folders, sounds like you might have messed around a bit too much with dconf or gnome-reset. I suggest reading about App Folders and how it works here, or wait until someone more knowledgeable than me comes around:)

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Drastic methode is to rename /home/(username)/.config/dconf/user to /home/(username)/.config/dconf/user.bak
and then reset asap

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Thanks guys, I think the dconf method may reset theme back to pure vanilla, cause I essentially deleted it and thats what it did (not a smart move btw LOL, should’ve saved it like you). But maybe I might try it again like that and let you know if it works.