How do I reset the contents of /etc/default/grub?

I was trying to boot into text only mode to update nvidia drivers. Wasn’t using manjaro settings manager b/c it wasn’t playing nice with wine.

When I went back in to remove the line for text mode it was corrupted.

Is it possible to reset it to how it is on a fresh install?

If someone has a very recent fresh install of manjaro please share your grub file.


sudo update-grub

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Delete the file (if needed, I found it required sometimes) then reinstall the package. It will realize the file was missing and take one from the package.

If you are sure only the one file is needed, you can get the latest version here:
grub.default · master · Packages / Core / grub · GitLab
and then update GRUB

or reinstall the whole package

pamac reinstall grub

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