How do I replace Thunar with another file browser?

I can’t stand Thunar, is there an alternative I can replace it with as my primary and default file browser?

Hi @vvbudh,

There’s always nemo, available in the community repository:

$ pamac search nemo                                                                                                                                                                                                        [...]
nemo                                                                                                                                                                                                        5.4.2-1                               community
Cinnamon file manager (Nautilus fork)

So you can install it with:

pamac install nemo
According to @Batman it can't be removed, so ignore this.

And if that works correctly, you can remove Thunar:

pamac remove thunar

There are many other file managers out there is nemo doesn’t work for you:

Also see:


Hope it helps!

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There is several file managers available but changing the default in a desktop environment may introduce undesired complications. Also take into consideration the toolkit used for desktop as using a filemanager based on a different toolkit may introduce theming issues.

Desktop environments usually have a file manager which integrates with the desktop in various ways.

  • Plasma → dolphin
  • Gnome → nautilus
  • Xfce → thunar
  • Mate → caja
  • LXQt → pcmanfm-qt

Filemanagers may install various dependencies and have optional dependencies which may pull in extra packages as required which in turn may need services which are only avaiable within the original environment and may create handling conflicts in a non native environment.

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LXTerminal is very light and certainly works in cinnamon too.
Of course if you want nemo you could run cinnamon?

If you are using thunar you’re probably using xfce.

since xfdesktop is dependent on thunar, as far as i know thunar cannot be uninstalled without removing the complete desktop environment.

You can however install another file manager like nautilus or nemo and set it as default.

to do this, go to settings → favorite applications → utilities → file manager. Select the new installed file manager and ignore thunar.

If it bothers you to have two file managers installed you can use a menu editor like menulibre to hide thunar.


Every single one of you is really awesome. Just so you know.

If that’s the case that, “Desktop environments usually have a file manager which integrates with the desktop in various ways” -Linux-aarhus Perhaps I should change my Destkop Environment. I’ve honestly been getting an urge to change things up, I get stalls on Thunar and it just sits there frozen frequently and I am literally unable to use it sometimes.

As this is my first time fully using Linux as my main OS (2 years in progress mind you.) Perhaps there’s some maintenance I have neglected or something that causes it. But freshening it up would be really nice. Do any of you have a preferred recommendation? I choose XFCE because I felt it would be light and clean. So perhaps LXQt as Robin0880 recommended?

There is hardly a topic on which linux users debate as heatedly as they do when it comes to recommending desktop environments.

I can only advise you to make your own picture of the desktop environments and choose the one that suits you best.

This is a process we call distrohopping and many of us have gone through it.

Here is a selection of desktop environments for manjaro:


Cinnamon might be a good candidate, as it is easy to use and is used by many beginners.
TechHut introduces Cinnamon(YouTube)

KDE Plasma

No desktop environment is as customisable as KDE Plasma. if you are looking for a modern desktop that you can customise to your liking, Plasma is your choice.
TechHut introduces Plasma(YouTube)


Mate is celebrated by many older Linux users because it brings the traditional desktop back to life while trying to attract new users.


I can’t say much about budgie because I haven’t used it for a long time.
TechHut introduces Budgie(YouTube)


Gnome is a desktop environment that tries to redefine the desktop. It is easy to use, but requires some getting used to. In any case, it’s worth a try.
Gnome 40 trailer(YouTube)

Sway and i3

i3 and sway are tiling window managers. There are some linux enthusiasts who recommend window managers, especially for beginners (distrotube for example). Even though i3 and sway are relatively easy to use, it takes some learning. Personally, I would advise you not to start with the window managers right away.
Documentation for using i3/sway

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It really depends on what it is you want in a desktop.

I’m using KDE, mostly because it is almost infinitely configurable. When I was using Ubuntu with Unity and Linux Mint with Cinnamon, I had to write a bunch of scripts to achieve what I now have with built in functionality with KDE.

If you are looking for lightweight, you could try Budgie, LXDE or LXQt.

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Go to settings → favorite applications → utilities → file manager. Select the new installed file manager and ignore thunar.

This may help.

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Or you could try and fix your actual issue with Thunar. My guess is that you a disk or network mount which is unresponsive or slow.

You could open a new thread with a detailed problem description and maybe someone is able to help you out.

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