How do I replace fedora with manjaro without usb

I want to install manjaro on my system currently I have installed fedora I am not satisfied with fedora redhat , so how do I install manjaro on my system without any usb stick.

Boot the ISO directly from GRUB as described here

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Thanks I understood , but is it risky?

Do you count wiping out your fedora installation a risk? That is the whole purpose of this operation, no? You WILL lose all your previous data on the fedora installation, so I suggest backing it up.

If your manjaro installation fails after you have formatted your hard drive, then you will be left without a bootable system. So you only get one shot at this. This risk can be avoided by having a separate /boot partition, where both the grub configuration and the iso file are stored. Then you can just reboot the iso if things don’t succeed the first time. I would still recommend having a live usb stick just in case.

So, booting the iso from grub is risk free, but reinstalling over the partition where the booted iso is stored can be risky. At least you can test manjaro from the live iso without issues.


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