How do I renew my IP address?

hello! i want to know how i can change my ip adress on linux. i dont want change my geo localization or anything like this, just my ip. i only find about debian-based distros in web.

edit: like ipconfig /renew in windows.

What did you find?
… this (what you found) doesn’t work on Manjaro? :wink:

What does
ipconfig /renew
do for you?

What is the effect that you see?

sudo dhclient -v -r

yes, what i found didnt work in manjaro
ipconfig /renew should renew your ip adress as you can see,

after running this command the internet dont work, and, if i reconnect nothing is changed

got it, but:
What did you find? :wink:

ipconfig /renew is a Windows command and does literally nothing on any Linux system.
Issuing that command could not have made your internet connection dysfunctional.
All it does is get you a response of:

command not found

as is the case with any invalid input …

What @SimonJ said would probably do what you want on (any) Linux and after a few seconds you’ll get a new lease from the DHCP server on your router - perhaps a different (local) IP address. However, nothing will change towards the outside, where and how the router is connected to the internet and why I asked was to elicit information on why you wanted to do this.

I.E. In a home environment, you are almost always connected to a router via WLAN or LAN which then itself is connected to the Internet and only seldomly are you connected directly to the internet without a router in between.

Renewing your IP address (which you got from that router) would have no effect whatsoever
on the IP address that your router has toward the Internet, which is what you, apparently wanted to change/renew.

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If you don’t have a fixed IP address from your ISP, most of the time unplugging the router (from the electric outlet) 10 minutes is enough to have a new IP address from your ISP.

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hey, i thought it worked but it doesnt. my ip adress seems being fixed/automatic, i tried to change my ip from the router (192.168…) and it ‘genereted’ another ip (ends with 9), but dhclient automatically set it to ends with 13.
also, i think changing this ip adress (192.168.0…) will change my ip that website see right?

That local IP (192.168.x.x) which you get from your router is not what will be seen from the outside
(what that website will see).

The outside world will see the IP of your router.

You usually get that assigned dynamically by your ISP - rebooting the router or disconnecting/reconnecting the power may get you a different address - or not.

It depends on your ISP and how they assign addresses to their customers.

Changing or forcing the router to assign you a different local IP (192.168.x.x) will do nothing with respect to the outside (the internet).

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What everyone already told you. :grin:

And if you want to know your LAN IP address, execute:

ip address

and if you want to know your WAN IP address, execute:


(which might get you an IPV6 address if your ISP has moved to IPV6 already)


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